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Vintage Brothers boat sales is extremely proud to offer this beautiful 1957 Coronado. The boat is in good user condition. She comes with her factory hardtop which has the sliding front panel over the driver’s cockpit. Retro cool!


At Vintage Bros. we are enthusiastic first and boat brokers second. We get a great deal of enjoyment out of selling boats that we would love to own ourselves!


This Coronado is a particularly good value for the money. The future owner could use the boat for a number of years and might realize a profit upon sale.




This book comes with a replacement 3M 5200 bottom. No soak up is required. The boat can go in the water dry. This boat has been refinished with a perfect match to the original red Century stain and is beautiful. According to the seller, the boat could use a coat of varnish.




This vessel features of 460 cubic inch Ford Marine engine which is not original to this boat. However, it makes a great deal of power and is well-matched to this hull. The engine runs smoothly and is very powerful. Water skiing, tubing, or any other modern water sports should be no problem. The boat is being sold with a roadworthy trailer that matches the hull of this boat




The interior this boat is beautiful and features a fluted aluminum styling que around the interior side of the gunnels. The gauges are clear and easy to read but are not compatible with the distributor on the engine and are currently disconnected.




This boat is a great user! She is steady, solid, and easy to use with the no soak bottom. Room enough to comfortably seat 8 passengers for watersports of all kinds. For questions please call Jim at 513 678 9379

1957 Century Coronado

  • Vintage Bros Boat Sales always recommends that any prospective purchaser either inspect the boat themselves or hire a third-party inspector to examine the boat as a contingency of purchase. Once these things are completed to the buyer's satisfaction the sale becomes final. It is the buyers right  to waive all inspections. If a buyer choose to go this route they bare full responsibility for the choice made regarding the condition of the boat.

  • Vintage Bros. Boat Sales  is happy to help in any prospective purchaser coordinate shipping. However, shipping is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser not only in coordination but in payment of the service. 

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