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The photos we use to promote your boat are critical in attracting a buyer. Today's internet buyer wants to see at least 30 photographs of the boat. More photos than that are encouraged.

Step 1.) Pulling the boat into the sunlight and making sure its clean

Step 2.) Start by taking a picture of the transom straight on then walk around to the starboard side of the boat taking pictures as you go. Make sure that you get a full shot of the starboard hull side, bow, and port side. multiple pictures are encouraged. Making your way around the boat be sure your far enough away from the boat to get full shots.

Step 3.) Next start on the interior The interior picture should be taken overhead from the back then the steering wheel and dashboard and then another interior pic from the bow of the boat looking over the interior.

Step 4.) Engine pics front, back, port and starboard. Remove the engine box for this on utilities

Step 5.) Pictures of the trailer are also very important make sure that your trailer appears in good condition. A photo of the underside from the transom and the bow are important as well.

In water videos of any kind are encouraged as are restoration pictures and info.

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In addition to photographs we will need a full description of the boat starting with any restoration work that was done, as well as the last time it was in the water. Who did the restoration work is very important along with any engine work or modifications that might have been done. The best way to do it is to break it down and into sections.
First the woodwork and refinish work Second the engine work. Third the upholstery work.
We charge a 10% Commission on all boat sales with a minimum Commission of $1,500. Boats under $10,000 have a minimum of $1,000 Commission.

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