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James Barach

4:13 PM (10 minutes ago)


to me

Vintage Bros is thrilled to offer this very uncommon 1951 Switzer-Craft named 'Pudge' It's 11' long and is as fun as vintage boating gets!

At Vintage Bros we are antique and classic boat enthusiasts first and boat brokers second. We love putting buyers and sellers together and would be proud to own any of the boats we sell.


The hull was professionally restored with new decks and a complete paint, stain, and varnish. It's a stunning little boat! The grain of the wood is beautiful! It looks sensational in the sun.


The boat is not being sold with a motor so your vintage outboard motor will need to be employed.


The trailer is a rare Holsclaw 'Roadster' It's designed to cradle the boat from the top down. When you lift the tongue of the trailer the boat drops and can be set in the water or on the ground. It has been power-coated and look brand new.


The is a very cool find! Switzer-Craft boats of this early vintage are very uncommon. This boat would be a hoot to use on a small lake or in a cove. Please call Jim at 513 678 9379. 

1951 11' Switzer-Craft 'Pudge'

  • Vintage Bros Boat Sales always recommends that any prospective purchaser either inspect the boat themselves or hire a third-party inspector to examine the boat as a contingency of purchase. Once these things are completed to the buyer's satisfaction the sale becomes final. It is the buyers right  to waive all inspections. If a buyer choose to go this route they bare full responsibility for the choice made regarding the condition of the boat.

  • Vintage Bros. Boat Sales  is happy to help in any prospective purchaser coordinate shipping. However, shipping is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser not only in coordination but in payment of the service. 

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