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1948 Chris Craft Racing Runabout priced at $55,725

Vintage Brothers is very excited and proud to offer for sale this beautiful 19' 1948 Chris Craft Racing Runabout hull number R 19 025.

This boat has been restored at a very very high level and represents a great value to the future buyer.

At Vintage Bros we are enthusiasts first and boat brokers 2nd. We love the opportunity to sell boats that we would love to own ourselves!


The hull work on this boat is fantastic. It has recently undergone a fresh refinish by Motor Boat Garage. The deck seams are straight and reflect a high level of restoration effort. This boat is simply stunning. The finish is extremely clear. The wood grain pops. It has no abnormal leaking and can go in the water dry.


The interior on this boat is fantastic it's a beautiful shade of burgundy. The steering wheel is in great condition as are the gauges which are recently redone and are clear and easy to read. The vessel also sports a compartment cover for the rear cockpit!


The trailer is a modern built dual axle with brakes and supports the boat very well. The engine is an MBL that has been rebuilt. This boat is a runner.


This boat is worthy of any collection. It has been well maintained with recent professional work done at Motor Boat Garage applying fresh finish, redoing the gauges, and installing the engine. It has beautiful fit and finish and is a serious performer. Stunning in every way. For more information please call Jim at 513-678-9379.


1948 Chris Craft Racing Runabout

  • Vintage Bros Boat Sales always recommends that any prospective purchaser either inspect the boat themselves or hire a third-party inspector to examine the boat as a contingency of purchase. Once these things are completed to the buyer's satisfaction the sale becomes final. It is the buyers right  to waive all inspections. If a buyer choose to go this route they bare full responsibility for the choice made regarding the condition of the boat.

  • Vintage Bros. Boat Sales  is happy to help in any prospective purchaser coordinate shipping. However, shipping is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser not only in coordination but in payment of the service. 

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