Vintage Bros. Boat Sales is extremely proud to offer for sale this beautiful 1955 20’ Chris Craft Continental. This boat has an interesting history in that it was only owned by two different families in its entire 65 years of life!


This boat is a beautiful example of 1950’s Chris Craft design, featuring blond deck features and a beautiful sloped windshield. Quality of the restoration work as well as the presentation of the boat in person communicate significant value for the next purchaser.


At Vintage Bros. we are classic boat enthusiasts first and boat brokers second. We are picky about our inventory and enjoy selling boats that we dream about owning ourselves!




This boat has led a very pampered life with only two owners from new. The first owner was a family who owned it for over 50 years. It’s our understanding the boat was refinished one time in that period. We believe that all the original wood is intact on the hull sides and deck as well as the bottom. The current owner, who is an experienced hobbyist, undertook a cosmetic restoration over the past few years to include strip and refinish of the hull and bottom. At that time the bottom was re-fastened. In most cases only a day is required for soak up time. The hardware glistens and gleams and appears in new condition.




The original interior on this boat was replaced and is beautiful. The gauges were rebuilt and are crisp, clear and easy to read. The steering wheel also appears as new. Many photos are available of the restoration work, which is top shelf.




This boat is powered with its original MBL Hercules engine producing 158 HP. It was rebuilt by Van Ness engineering and runs like a swiss watch. This engine is very torquey and perfectly suited for this size hull. The boat is being sold with a single axle trailer (new in 2015) that was built for the boat, fits it perfectly, and has had minor use.




Between 1955 and 1957 Chris Craft made 221 Chris-Craft 20’ Chris Craft Continental. The hull number on this boat is CL-20-078. These boats are a pleasure to use in the water having a modern beam to length ratio they are very roomy but not too big to enjoy on smaller bodies of water. The torque of the MBL is more than enough to enjoy family watersports such as tubing, skiing, and even wakeboarding. No disappointments on this boat. For any questions please call Jim at 513-678-9379.

1955 20' Chris Craft Continental

  • Vintage Bros Boat Sales always recommends that any prospective purchaser either inspect the boat themselves or hire a third-party inspector to examine the boat as a contingency of purchase. Once these things are completed to the buyer's satisfaction the sale becomes final. It is the buyers right  to waive all inspections. If a buyer choose to go this route they bare full responsibility for the choice made regarding the condition of the boat.

  • Vintage Bros. Boat Sales  is happy to help in any prospective purchaser coordinate shipping. However, shipping is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser not only in coordination but in payment of the service.