Vintage Bros Boat Sales is pleased to offer this wonderful 1948 Chris Craft 22' Sedan. The hull number is S-22-133 so its an early boat in the production run making it a cedar-sided vessel. A total of 436 S-22's were produced from 1948 to 1954. It's truely a rare find in project condition.

After WWII supplies of phillipean mahogany, Chris Craft's material of choice for building boats, was difficult to find as many forests had been destroyed during the war. In order to conserve materials Chris Craft started using Spanish Cedar on many of its models. This boat is one of them.


Some work has been done but it needs at least a new keel, and forefoot. As well as the rest of the bottom. This boat would be a great candidate for a new no soak bottom of your choice.


According to the seller all the hardware is there including steering wheel and gauges. The interior can be re-made in new materials.


The engine is an 'M' series Hercules. It's been completely rebuilt by CD's in Hudsonville, Michigan. The trailer is in need of some work but does the job untill a replacement can be procured.


This is a wonderful project. Post war Sedans are hard to find and almost impossible to find in 'project' condition. Please call Jim at 513 678 9379. 


1948 Chris Craft 22' Sedan PROJECT

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