1948 17' Chris Craft Deluxe priced at $22,000

(This description is based on information gleaned from the seller in writing and conversation)

Vintage Bros Boat Sales is exited and proud to offer for sale this stunning boat. It can be aptly described as a 'time capsule'.

The value in this boat is in it's originally. The seller, who is the second owner, claims that the only non original piece is the passenger wind screen!

At Vintage Bros we are classic boat enthusiasts first and boat brokers second. We love what we do and would enjoy owning any of the boats we sell!


The planking on this boat is lovely. The planks have beautiful grain patterns and the seams are tight. The hull had one refinish in 1994 which has been lovingly maintained by the current owner and shows beautifully as can be seen in the photos. The deck planking is tight and even and also presents beautifully. The bottom is original on this vessel and soaks up quickly.


The interior on this boat is original. It's in fantastic survivor condition and is supple to the touch. The gauges are in incredible original  condition. They are clear and bright and present well. The steering wheel is also in beautiful original condition showing minor petina.


This boat sports it's original 'KBL' rated at 131hp. The hatch dome is a tell tail sign! Chris Craft advertised a top speed of 38 MPH for this hull with that engine! Extremely impressive performance for a 70 + year old boat! The engine runs smoothly and makes great power. The trailer is a single axle C-Hawk unit that was made for this boat. It has an an adjustable bow stop which makes it super easy to load.


Hull # R-17-1666 (1880 total production) is an impressive time capsule. For those looking to add original boats to their collections this boat is a must see.  I would recommend to anyone restoring this model Chris Craft to look at this boat for reference. As they say 'Its only original once!' Please call Jim at 513 678 9379.

1948 Chris Craft 17' Deluxe PRICE REDUCTION!

  • Vintage Bros Boat Sales always recommends that any prospective purchaser either inspect the boat themselves or hire a third-party inspector to examine the boat as a contingency of purchase. Once these things are completed to the buyer's satisfaction the sale becomes final. It is the buyers right  to waive all inspections. If a buyer choose to go this route they bare full responsibility for the choice made regarding the condition of the boat.

  • Vintage Bros. Boat Sales  is happy to help in any prospective purchaser coordinate shipping. However, shipping is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser not only in coordination but in payment of the service.